About us

Arpan Enterprise, the well – known and trustworthy name in the field of Brass components. It was established in the year 1978 with the vision to cater the requirements of customized Brass SS-Copper and Aluminum components of any dimensions and specifications with quality. Arpan Enterprise is one of the largest manufacturer of brass components in India and abroad our machined components are produced for various metals ranging from 0.50 mm to customers requirement.

We offer a comprehensive array of machining capabilities and ancillary process to ensure your jobs always conform to specification. Arpan Enterprise is having a large number of automatic and semi-automatic machines, installed to manufacture a diverse and difficult range of brass products. The production cycle includes casting, machining, polishing, lacquering and packaging.

The company commits considerable time and resources to the investigation of new technologies both to ensure that we retain our position at the fore front of the industry and to meet the changing needs of customers. A majority of our sales result from repeat business and recommendations from our existing clients to other users who come to us for their turned parts. Arpan Enterprise' integrated finishing capabilities allow us to handle this critical aspect of production seamlessly. This eliminates additional shipping and handling of parts, as well as typical conflicts between the substrate producer and finisher.

Our Product Range